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Mixed Salad with Fresh Curcuma (Turmeric)

Preparation time: 10 minutesRecipe for: 2 personsIngredients:

- 3 Tomatoes

- 1 Package of Valerian salad

- 1 Fennel

- 1 Yellow Pepper

- 50g Fresh Turmeric

- 1 Lemon

- Extra vergin Oliva Oil


Peel the turmeric in a blender and pass it to get its juice then place it in a bowl. Add the juice of a lemon, some salt and freshly grounded pepper from Manakara. Mix well to dissolve the salt in the sauce. Add the extra vergin olive oil. In a bowl cut ripe tomatoes, thinly sliced fennel, pepper and valeriana. Mix the salad with the previously prepared sauce before serving.

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