Pink Peppercorn (Baie Rose)

Baie Rose are soft berries with a delicate spicy flavor. They can be used raw or cooked. It fits well with all kinds of food and a teaspoon is enough for a portion of any recipe.


Baie Rose (Schinus Terebinthifolius) is a plant of the Anacardiaceae family, it is native of the tropical and subtropical areas of South America. It grows on a big tree, with a shallow root system and reaches a height of 9 feet.
It grows in the forests of the east coast of Madagascar and is rarely grown for ornamental purposes, it is one of the main spices used in traditional Malagasy cuisine. It is not well known in Europe yet, it has a delicate flavor, slightly peppery with aromatic and anise with sugar notes. The berries are suitable for all recipes, are also appreciated for their decorative appearance and do not need to be grounded.

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