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What is Combava (Citrus Hystrix)? It is a Citrus with a green and strongly rippled skin, a refreshing scent reminding lime mixed with 

lemongrass, it has a persistent flavor. It is rich in vitamin C. Its tree is thick and the plant has branches full of thorns as its 

Latin name highlights. It is used in Indian Ocean and in Southeast Asia cuisine. It is indicated in the preparation of condiments, 

sauces, fillings, salads, teas, rice, cookies, ice cream and desserts.


What is the Combava?
Combava (Citrus hystrix) is a small, thick and luxuriant tree, with branches full of thorns as its Latin name highlights. It has origins in Southeast Asia and grows in Madagascar, La Réunion Island, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It is also widespread in Indonesia and Malaysia, the islands of Réunion and Madagascar. The origin has not yet been determined with certainty, some experts consider it a hybrid between the Cedar and the Lime, others are of the opinion that this is a spontaneous mutation of the Lime. The fruit is about 3 cm long and can be round or oval. The peel is strongly rippled and irregularly convex, of bright green color up to dark green.

What properties does the Combava have?
Combava has anti-inflammatory, decongestant properties for the liver, digestive, relaxant and sedative in cases of anxiety and insomnia.

What is the taste of Combava?
The taste is fresh and citrusy, extremely sour and therefore the fruit can not be consumed fresh, but is used in the kitchen. The peel is regularly used as a spicy ingredient in sauces and seasonings. The leaves that form the basis of many are particularly appreciated salads. It has a fresh and persistent taste, very suitable for the preparation of fillings, salads, and to create new flavors such as ice cream.
After appropriate processing, the juice is used in the preparation of some rhum-based liqueurs that are produced in Madagascar and on the island of Reunion. The combine was used successfully by the industry to produce good perfumes, given that the peel contains many terpenes, limonene and especially citronelol which has a strong scent of rose.
In Indonesia the juice and thin slices of dried Combava are used as a medicine, is sold under the name of Jeruk Obat which literally means medicinal fruit. It is considered a strong anti-inflammatory. Thai women use the fruit juice as a stain remover, is also used to perfume and on the hair to make them smooth and luncent

How is Combava powder used?
Being very aromatic and with a very strong taste it is advisable to use the pinch dosing in all the recipes. Two pinches of Combava powder is sufficient for a cup of drink or a portion of dishes. It can be used raw on fruit, in tea and in condiments or in cooking to flavor. Combava taste fits well to different spices including: Ginger, Curcuma, Coriander, Pepper. It is also excellent to give a citrusy touch to the syrup of Agave and Maple.
In the tisane the Combava it can be used alone, it is also recommended in combination with fresh or powdered or dehydrated ginger.
With the peel of the Combava fruit the powder is obtained and its essential oil is produced with the leaves.

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