Ananas Cinnamon - Organic Snack-Tea

Ananas Cinnamon - Organic Snack-Tea


Organic dried pineapple in pieces with cinnamon powder from Madagascar.


To make a great tasting organic drink, while having the option to enjoy also this healtlhy organic product as a snack at the same time.


The package contains only pure healthy and organic dried pineapple, spiced with the special taste of the cinnamon powder.



Tips for use

  • For a  hot drink: Put a 2 tea-spoons in a cup and add boiling hot water. Leave it for three minutes, or longer, depending how strong you like the drink to be. Then serve the ready drink.
  • Alternatively use this organic spiced pineapple product directly as a welcome healthy fruit snack, with a great, sweet and special taste.
  • This product can also be used to add great flavor to multiple other products, including liquor.


Weight: 25g


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