Green Chili Pili

Green Chili Pili


The whole green chili Pili is one of the smallest but hottest chillies. It is picked young so that it is not extremely hot and its aroma is fresh.

It has a special aroma, very fresh and very spicy. It has a score of 9, one of the highest on the Scoville scale, which measures the degree of potency of chillies.



  • Digestif


  • Antibacterial


  • Rich in vitamin C


Apart from its popular use in cooking, it is also used in the production of spicy drinks and in seasoning mixes.



  • Can be used during or at the end of cooking.


  • Ideal for the preparation of spicy oil.

    We recommend one teaspoon of whole chilli pepper for every 500 ml of extra virgin olive oil. After a      week, the oil begins to be spicy and this taste intensifies over time.


  • Suitable for the preparation of spicy condiments.

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