Mix - Combava and Red Chili

Mix - Combava and Red Chili

Mix of organic dried combava peel and dehydrated red chili pili pili.  The use of spicy oil and vinegar are common in Madagascan  food. Therefore we created this mix which will allow you to prepare spicy oil or vinegar yourself.


The red chili pili pili is very hot as it is a mature chili. The combava peel has its typical citrus scent which is unique and excellent. The combination of these spices gives an explosion of flavor which will enable you to create special recipes full of exclusive taste.



How to use it?


Take an empty bottle of 250ml. Put the mix you have inside of it and add extra virgin olive oil or vinegar of your choice. Keep it in a dark place for one week.


Now you can start using it as a condiment.


Once it has reached the intensity of taste you like, you can remove the spices by moving the liquid to another bottle, leaving the extracted spices in the old bottle. You can also keep the spices inside untill the liquid is finished, the taste will get stronger with time. The choice is yours.



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