Nutmeg - Whole

Nutmeg - Whole

The nutmeg of Madagascar is very valuable and as a company we propose the first choice for all products.
The spice is the nucleus of a seed similar to a walnut enclosed within the fruit of the nutmeg tree. In fact the tree produces two spices: nutmeg and mace. The nutmeg is the one contained inside and the mace is the external part.
Nutmeg is used for the preparation of various seasonings, sweets, drinks, soups and in confectionery.
Traditionally it is used as a remedy in case of digestion disorders, joint pain and much more.
It has a spicy sweet taste and goes well with practically all foods.
We recommend buying the whole nutmeg, perfectly intact.

How to use nutmeg?
Break the shell with the help of a nutcracker. Cut the nutmeg inside in two and grate it when you use it.
Nutmeg can be kept for a few years if it is well sealed, well stored in a dry place and protected from light.



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