Organic Combava peel

Organic Combava peel

Organic dried combava skin from Madagascar. This so carefully prepared product was processed manually to ensure that only the skin of the combava is used. This is to make sure that who uses it surely finds its tipical fragrance and taste,  it is commonly used in the fine cuisine of the islands of the Indian ocean.  It is a must for a special delicate lemony taste to all recipes such as drinks,  soups and condiments for example. 



  • Typical citrus fragrance
  • Source of vitamin C
  • Antioxydant
  • Commonly used for detox process
  • Adapted to all kinds of recipes


Tips for use

  • For a  hot drink: Put a 2cm piece of combava peel in a pan and add cold water. Bring to boil for 5 or 7 minutes, remove it and serve the ready drink.
  • To prepare a sauce add 2cm of combava peel and let it cook slowly while mixing from time to time. When the sauce is thick remove the combava before serving.
  • For a special  and delicate soup let your ingredients cook with the combava peel for 10mn once it boils, then remove it and go on until you reach the desidred taste for your meal.
  • Combava liqueur: put 100g of combava peel in 1/2L of vodka and keep for 3 weeks in the darkness, shake from time to time. At the end of this period remove the combava from the bottle and add 1/2L of cane sugar syrup.



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