Pink Peppercorn in grain (Baie Rose)

Pink Peppercorn in grain (Baie Rose)


The Pink Berry (Schinus terebinthifolia), also called false pepper, is a plant that grows on the east coast of Madagascar. We offer the first choice of pink pepper, a product characterized by perfectly round red berries, with a slightly sweet and delicate taste, with a spicy aftertaste. Pink pepper is mainly used as an ingredient in savoury dishes. Although the plant is not really related to pepper, the name reflects the similarity of the berries with the peppercorns.



  • Helps digestionHelps fight flatulence
  • It can relieve muscle pain thanks to its mild anti-inflammatory action
  • Stimulates the immune system



  • Can be used both raw and during cooking
  • Can be used whole, they are soft berries and easy to break if needed
  • Suitable for all types of recipes because of its delicate taste


Although the related plant is not actually related to pepper the name reflects the resemblance of the berries to peppercorns.


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