Red Chili Pili

Red Chili Pili

The red chili Pili grows in Madagascar. Once it is mature, it turns  to red. 

  • It has a powerful aroma and is much spicier than the still young, green one.


  • In addition to its classic use in the kitchen, it is also used for the production of spicy drinks and in spice mixtures for condiments.


  • Pili chili can be used both raw and cooked.
  • The most spicy part of the chili are the seeds inside. If you want to obtain a very high level of spicy taste it is advisable to cut it into pieces to mix it with the other ingredients otherwise use it in cooking still whole.
  • To prepare a spicy oil put 1 tablespoon of whole hot pepper in 500ml of extra virgin olive oil. In a few days the oil will start to be spicy.

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