Set Organic Turmeric

Set Organic Turmeric

We created this set for those who use turmeric in daily life to stay healthy.
We have included both turmeric powder and pure turmeric extract to help those who use them based on the convenience of using one of the two forms in which it occurs.
It contains: 

  • 1 pack of organic turmeric powder 40g
  • 1 vial 10ml of organic turmeric extract


Turmeric is the active principle that characterizes turmeric. It is the compound that has a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action and has been shown to protect and improve health.
Among the traditional remedies turmeric has always been present and used for:
as an antacid to calm digestive problems.

  • to heal wounds
  • to relieve headaches
  • to stimulate blood flow


The turmeric that we propose has a soft and delicate taste so it goes well with practically all recipes for both meals and drinks. It is doubly interesting because it makes no difference whether used during the different phases of the day, on an empty or full stomach.
Both black pepper, ginger and the bromolin (present in pineapple) are fixers of turmeric in the body and promote its absorption. Hence the possibility 'to use it in almost all recipes: from salad dressings to chickpeas, rather than in drinks, it is also very often used in bakeries, cookies and pasta factories and many other realities.





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