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About Us

The Story of Nature Madagascar

Nature Madagascar is born out of the desire to make the world discover the beautiful and wonderful products of Madagascar. With a family background in spice trading, growing up in a spice trading family, having spent my youth going around Madagascar. The sweet, strong, pleasant smell of drying cloves is what I remember well from my youth in Madagascar.
After my move to Europe it became quickly clear to me that my special and beautiful mothercountry was largely unknown to the rest of the world. This also meant that it is a beautiful valuable secret to be discovered.
Madagascar has so much to show and to offer to the world. I feel blessed having the opportunity to share this wonderful, beautiful and valuable place, my motherland, with the rest of the world. Please be invited to share this beautiful adventure with me. Check-out our store, discover the products.
Madagascar also has much to be developped. The people have important challenges. We can help them and I want to add my part also. Please see here some activities and examples. I want to show these challenges and help find support for the people. Some initiatives are and Change4Mada .
Then, Madagascar also has a special and valuable culture and language. By being a proud Malagasy, practicing and living my culture, I want to show it also to you, the rest of the world. So we can share, learn and improve together and from each other.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me.

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Our Vision

We see and experience towards the future an increased demand for healthy, plant based, ethical biological food. And an increased attention for and discovery of the many secrets this world has to offer us on that matter. We want to tap into that by already exposing many of such delicious secrets to a much larger amount of people. We want to do this while learning ourselves and sharing our knowledge.

Why choose us

Quality is our key business
Quality has always been our main focus. Being very proud of our products is important to us and we feel a responsibility towards our customers to only trade products that we want and do use ourselves. We select our suppliers based on the absolute top-quality that we want to see, experience and use ourselves.
We want you as our customer to be as happy with our products as we are ourselves. In case there is anything we can do to improve we do really like to know it and investigate options. You have our full support helping us in that by telling us what you think of our products and how we can improve. We support you so that you will have the best possible experience with our products.
During our short existance we have already found some pretty interesting innovations of products or by combining several of our products. This turned into a number of new products that we are happy with, that we enjoy and that are unique and cannot be found anywhere else, as far as we know. We are happy to see that also our customers like these inventions. So... we do really want to continue with such food innovations.
Yes we are working to make the world a better place. In a number of ways. Small scale initiatives. We work together with communities and small companies. Because we find these generally have much (more) to offer, nicer to work with. We also keep supply lines very short, directly interfacing with producers or first supplier. In our experience this leads to a better efficiency, service, joy, fun, responsibility and... lots and lots of superb quality.

We also join and initiate activities to help people and children in Madagascar. We feel this is really needed, very much appreciated and can be performed very effective and efficient using our local contacts. We do this in our private live. But in addition to that also a part of the company profit is donated to the small scale local development initiatives that we support.

About Me

Virna Rakotonirina

Virna, born into a family of spice traders grew up in the South-East of Madagascar, Farafangana. From there she moved to Tamatave and later Tana with her family. She moved to Europe, Italy at the end of the 90s. Initially she started working in all kinds of jobs untill she is asked to become web-account manager for a large US based internet company. After a few years she starts to trade in Vanilla, noticing that the people around her know so little about it. Slowly the scale and products start to increase. She decides to fully focus on trading products from here mothercountry. Starting the company Nature Madagascar she decides to start importing from Madagascar. Focussing on healthy traditional plant-based cruelty-free products from her home-country.