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Cinnamon powder Bio

La cannella appartiene alla famiglia delle Lauraceae. Cresce in diversi luoghi come il Madagascar, lo Sri Lanka, le Maldive e le Antille. It has a varietal flavour and aroma, seconded by the country of origin. The cannella of Madagascar has a sweet aroma and is coloured brownish brown.

Well known for its beneficial properties it is used in pastry, ice-cream, in the production of chocolate, wine, liqueurs and condiments.

Belongs to the laurel family. It grows in different places such as Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and the West Indies. Flavour and aroma vary depending on the country of origin. Madagascar cinnamon has a sweet aroma and its colour is light brown.

In the culinary art cinnamon is used in pastry, ice-cream, chocolate, wine, liqueurs and spice blends.